Informative, thought-provoking, and engaging is what I strive for with each speaking gig. A frequent speaker at workshops, conferences, and private events, I deliver keynotes, breakouts, and sessions. I am not the type that relies on a script, instead I offer an interactive and highly visual presentation.
Popular workshop topics:
  • Facebook for Beginners (personal)
  • Facebook Pages for Business
  • Facebook Intermediate for Personal or Business
  • Facebook Engagement
  • Facebook for Non-Profits
  • Parenting a Social Media Generation
  • Communicating with Millennials
  • Playful Pinterest
  • Protecting Kids on Social Media
  • Teacher/Professor Social Media
  • LinkedIn for Beginners
  • LinkedIn for College Students
  • LinkedIn for Job Searchers
  • LinkedIn for Employers
  • Social Media Policies
  • Social Media Privacy Protection
  • Twitter for Beginners
  • and so many more . . .
Municipalities and Government Agencies: Formerly a communications officer for WisDOT and WisDPI's division of libraries and technology, I am familiar with the unique challenges associated with being a government entity. Social media gives governments a new platform to communicate with a variety of demographics. Popular topics include Social Media for Government, Planning for Civic Engagement, Social Media Policies, and the full social media process.
Schools: In the school venue, I am versed in working with administration, professors, teachers, and parents. The most popular workshop topics for these groups are Protecting Our Kids, Parenting a Social Media Generation, Communicating with Millennials, Social Media for Teachers, Teacher Privacy Protection, Social Media and Your School, and Social Media Policies for Schools.
Colleges and Universities: Social media in post-secondary education is crucial because we need to provide our students with the tools needed to compete in a vast marketplace. Popular workshop topics include Blogging, LinkedIn for College Students, Social Media for the Workplace, LinkedIn for Job Searchers, and Social Media Privacy Protection.
Public Libraries: The go-to resource and cornerstone of many communities, public libraries provide their communities with a variety of information. Workshops for you, help you educate your communities. Facebook for Beginners, Social Media Privacy Protection, Social Media Universe, Twitter Basics, and LinkedIn for Job Searchers can be offered for staff education or a community program.
Groups and Organizations: The entities usually offer conferences and workshops to educate members. For these situations, these workshops are popular: Blogging, Facebook Pages for Business, LinkedIn Essentials for Professionals, LinkedIn for Employers, Managing Your Social Media Presence, and Social Media Marketing.
My strengths lie in utilizing successfully proven tools to benefit organizations and empower them by training them to effectively use and grow those tools. I am not a visionary in the social media field, nor am I an expert on mobile technologies.

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