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April 26, 2012
Moms Everyday
Katie Kunkel
Internet Privacy
March 2012
The Spectator • Katie Hoffman
Networking Know-How
March 8, 2012
Moms Everyday • Katie Kunkel
Parenting a Social Media Generation
February 2012
LinkedIn, the social network for professionals.
US News & World Report • Ryan Lytle
LinkedIn Offers New Options for Students
July 28, 2011
iStrategy Conference Blog • Ross Densley
News of Bin Laden death generates new records on Twitter
May 3, 2011
Agri-View • Jane Fyksen
Virtual worlds, games popular aspects of social media
March 17, 2011
ABC Affiliate WQOW TV-18 • Kevin Keen
It's never too late in life to join Facebook
February 12, 2011
NBC Affiliate WEAU TV-13 • Kelly Schlicht
Facebook catches on through free seminars
February 12, 2011
Eau Claire City Manager Blog • Mike Huggins
EC 2.0: Social Media and the City 
December 20, 2010
Social Media Journal • Katy BaileyWhy College Graduates Should Be Using Social MediaDecember 16, 2010
Inside Eau ClaireInside Eau Claire • Lisa de Felice
Businesses use social media to advertise
December 14, 2010
NBC Affiliate WEAU TV-13 • Chris Baylor
Social Stalking: Sharing too much on social networking sites 
November 11, 2010
Do you have Social Network for Job Search
October 26, 2010
NBC Affiliate WEAU TV-13 • Judy Clark
Social Media Interview with Judy Clark Part I
September 27, 2010
NBC Affiliate WEAU TV-13 • Judy Clark
Social Media Interview with Judy Clark Part II
September 27, 2010
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram • Liam Marlaire
Embracing Social Media
September 24, 2010
Social Networking Plays an Essential Role in Today’s Job Search
August 30, 2010
Follow on Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube!
The New York Times • Farhad Manjoo
Social Networking Your Way to a New Job 
August 26, 2010
Fox Valley Technical College • Valerie Magno
Social Media 101: Laurie Boettcher Seminar May 27, 2010
width:200 and height: 133 and picwidth: 200 and pciheight: 133NBC Affiliate WEAU TV-13 • Chris Baylor
Using Social Media for More Than Just Status Updates
February 18, 2010
WiscNet Wire • John Pederson • November 19, 2009
Nope. Social media can’t help us.
Arkansas Biz2Biz • Janie Clark • November 2009

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