About Laurie

Social Media Educator and Professional Speaker
Formal Biography
With years of design and communication experience, Laurie teaches, speaks, trains, and posts on using social media. She offers a diverse background in government, public library, not-for-profit, higher education, and small business.
Laurie breaks down the complex world of social media, making it interesting and understandable to varying skill levels, all the while motivating and empowering audiences.
A frequent speaker at workshops, conferences, and private events throughout the US and Canada, Laurie has been featured in US News & World Report, New York Times, and numerous other media. Completing a MS in Communication from Northwestern University, she holds a BA in Mass Communication-Public Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
Juicy Biography
Now that you know the stuffy goods about me, here is the interesting stuff. I climbed a rung or two on the 'corporate' ladder working in design and communications. My career has given me exceptional opportunities that led me to my passion – teaching and speaking. I am the flouffy creative type that loves a stage – and better yet, an audience!
In my world, Black Forest gummies and barbecue corn nuts (not together of course) can create world peace. I relish in the humor of Eddie Izzard and Jo Koy. My favorite activities are traveling the world , obsessively reading, wine 'tasting,' spa-ing, attempting to garden, and, of course, being a mother. Since having my two beautiful yet precocious children, I have literally become 'too big for my britches,' but I love them endlessly anyway.

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