Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Because You CAN Mass Post, Doesn't Mean You Should

I (deeply) love HootSuite. Social media management tools like it can help save us time and resources in our social media endeavors. However, we need to proceed with caution. Just because we can schedule posts and check those little boxes to appear on all of our social media presences, does not mean we should. In fact, we shouldn't.

Instead, we need to understand that different social media platforms have different audiences, therefore require different messages.

Twitter, for instance, has a 140 character limit. We need to be creative in getting our messages across, making it enticing for further follow up, and often times providing a link. We can post on Twitter as often as we like.

Facebook is about engagement. Here, we have 420 characters to get our messages across. (Although messages with 80 characters or less get 27% more involvement.) Our followers, by following us, have already expressed interest in building relationships with us. Our posts should foster that relationship-building. Leave room for followers to respond and interact to our messages. With Facebook, we should be posting 3-5 times per week.

LinkedIn is all about business. Post for business purposes only and once per day is enough for most followers. Don't annoy or irritate followers, because we are easily removable.

Instead of using HootSuite or other social media management tools for mass messaging, take advantage of the ability to schedule posts, but cater to each audience for maximum effect.

Are you mass messaging?

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  1. This is really good and oh so true. So many post such trivial things,and every five minutes it seems. Great blog. I'll be back more often. I like how you think.