Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spread the Word

For two people who communicate for a living, my husband and I often do a less than stellar job of communicating within our marriage. This can be the same with social media efforts in an organization.

Although you are not married to other 'departments,' it is important we communicate our social media efforts within interdepartmental relationships. If we post about a new sale, program, or promotion, we have to spread the word. Sales, marketing, circulation, IT, engineering, human resources - these organizations could benefit greatly from simply knowing about this communication.

What do I recommend? Well, in my 5-Step Social Media Process posted late last year, one of the steps included planning. Part of this planning should be a weekly e-mail to the company outlining social media activity for the upcoming week. Something like this:

This week's theme is 'Cooking.'
Monday - Announce via Facebook, Twitter, and our web site that library fees will be waived in lieu of a one non-perishable food item per late item.
Tuesday - Facebook post, "Where do you find your your favorite recipes?"
Wednesday - Blog post about cooking substitutions.
Thursday - Tweets about cooking tips and a mention about Chef Laurel Robertson who follows us on Twitter and is a loyal patron.
Friday - Winner of the best recipe find.

This was obviously a vague example, but it makes us stop and think about the tone and purpose of our posts for the week.

What 'themes' have you experimented with in social media?

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