Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talk To Me!

One of the most crucial elements of social media is engagement and interaction. When we post something, be it a simple Facebook post or an in depth blog post, we want to know people are reading it. A response is like a little present. Who doesn't like presents?

So, how do we get that interaction? How do we get people to respond and interact with us? To build a dialogue? It actually starts with us. We need to pose our posts in a way that encourage responses. Then, we need to ask for the response - "What is your favorite winter activity?" "How do you handle negative posts on your Facebook wall?" "What do you think is the most annoying aspect of Twitter?" Questions that are too broad, like "How do you feel?" or "What do you think?" may be viewed as too time intensive to answer, so make it simple.

Another way we can encourage dialogue is to participate ourselves. If we visit a blog, follow a Facebook Page, or subscribe to tweets, when we post a comment or a response, that author is grateful. We gave them a present! Often times, the author will return the favor by following us and reciprocating the response to help us out as well. It's kind of a pay-it-forward mentality. We are all learning this together and can help by helping each other.

So, how did you pay-it-forward in social media today?

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