Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Media Boring? What?!?

Earlier this month, Mark Evans wrote "2011: The Year Social Media Gets Boring." What??? Oh for the love of! We just started embracing this and now it's boring already?

No, let me clarify 'boring.' I actually think this is an exciting step. What Mark and so many others of us are talking about in terms of 'boring' is that the newness of social media is wearing off and it is simply becoming part of our communication, our culture, and the way we do business.

Some of us remember when e-mail first debuted and we snarled. "Great, more to add to our workload." But, e-mail has become an invaluable communication tool and simply part of our lives. It's 'boring,' or 'routine' might be a better word choice.

With this boringness, some of the intense hype will dissipate, but the pressure to be versed in social media and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will increase. Kind of like in 1994-95 when someone would ask for our e-mail address and if we responded 'I don't have one,' we were definitely not one of the cool kids. Yeah, that's what this is like.

What is your biggest obstacle in making social media part of your routine?

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