Thursday, November 4, 2010

Social Media Process: Step 2 (Side Note)

After my last post, I received several private e-mails asking about demographics for popular sites. Here is a little information that may help.

In February, Royal Pingdom published a highly informative article, "Study: Ages of Social Network Users." The graphic below, along with other valuable information, accompanied the article.

Age distribution on social network sites

However, we know how rapidly social media and its demographics change. The amazing Tammy Camp published "Crafting Content To Social Media Demographics" just a few weeks ago in October. Excellent information accompanied her graphic below as well.

I applaud those of you who were question the demographics. Knowing our audience as well as their demographics gives us great precision in creating valuable and engaging content. If the information we provide isn't relevant, than neither are we.

Completing the Where Are You in Social Media worksheet from Step 1, addressing issues mentioned in Step 2, and taking into account the different demographics and purposes of each social media platform, will prepare you to move on to Step 3 with me next week.

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