Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Do I Blog?

First and foremost, anyone who has ever met me knows all too well that I like to talk. I've got stuff to say and I love me an audience. Besides feeding my need to (over)share, here are a few benefits of blogging:
  • Blogging gives us and our organizations a voice. A place to open a dialogue about what is going on within our orgaizations, exciting news and events, and a damage control tool.
  • It is an opportunity to reach more people on tools they are comfortable using. Millenials and others aren't paper-prone, they prefer to read information electronically. If that is what they want, let's give it to them!
  • Often times, it helps our budgets. Printing expenses can be a huge portion of our budgets. If we can offer our newsletters, agendas, and other documents on a blog, we can save some cash.
  • It fosters relationships. When we write, we express our character and style. Our bond with our readers is strengthened when they sense who we are.
  • It provides our readers with a connection to us. When we blog and comments are posted, we respond. That shows readers that there are real live people on the other end who care about their experience.
  • Encourages activity on our web sites. If our blogs our intriguing and engaging, readers want more of us. They want to know who we are, what products and services we offer, and how to reach us.
Those are just a few of the reasons I blog. I use Blogger which allows me to schedule my posts, which is a huge convenience during busy weeks/months. There are several other formats that are highly popular. Check them out and get your blog on today!

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