Thursday, August 26, 2010

Social Media Touch

David Armano of Logic + Emotion authored a terrific post earlier this month entitled Media Isn't Social. Although the article was wonderful, what caught my attention most was one of his graphics:
This is so true. Social Media touches all of these aspects and departments.

Recently, two of my friends, Linda Pophal of Strategic Communications and Renee Bonjour of Group Health Cooperative, had an interesting discussion about who, within an organization, should be responsible for social media activities. Being a PR Practitioner, Linda leaned towards PR, and Renee is a Marketing Director, so she voiced Marketing. After much discussion, we all agreed that it has to be a carefully planned endeavor on behalf of all departments.

Social media is about communicating with one consistent voice. It's about showing our followers we are here, we care, and we are engaged. PR and Marketing help define that voice, most of the time Customer Care is the voice, HR determines what that voice can legally say, IT helps the voice be heard where it needs to, and R&D gets to respond to the needs on the other end of the voice. If everyone is not communicating, the system is not working.

Which person/department at your organization handles social media? How involved are other people/areas?


  1. The marketing department (which also does all PR) handles all social media at Realityworks. I think there is a policy written by the HR department. And, of course we call IT sometimes if things go awry!