Thursday, August 12, 2010

Know Where You Need to Be With Knowem'

What if our company isn't one that should have a Facebook page? What if our customers/patrons aren't on Twitter? Now what?

Facebook and Twitter, although two of the dominators in social media, are not always - or even often - the answer to our social media needs. The key with using social media correctly is knowing where our peeps are and how to reach them. As social media is evolving, the nich sites are becoming more an more valuable. They allow us to target in on a demographic with a specific message. That way we reach people who we know are interested about the topic.

There is a web site out there that I use often: Visit the link and click on networks. Tabbed out in categories, we can see a sampling of some of the most popular niche social media sites available. But, before we make any rash decisions to join a bunch of social media sites. Visit the site and search for some of our keywords - company name, product name, competitor name, competitor services, whatever. See if/how we are represented on the site. We may be surprised.

Most importantly: never join more sites than we can manage. If we cannot be consistent and present, it is a waste of our time and energy as well as our patrons.

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