Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Facebook Page URL

A little over a year ago, Facebook began offering businesses the same opportunity we have on our personal Facebook pages - vanity urls. What is a vanity url? It allows us to give our organization's Facebook Page a personalized name. For example, mine is www.facebook.com/lbspeaksonline. I have secured it and it is mine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once we secure a vanity url that is the name we have. There is no opportunity (as of yet) to change it. So, we need to make sure the name is exactly what we want and our spelling is correct.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, a Facebook Page must have 25 followers/likers/whatever we are calling them today. Once we have that many, simply go to http://www.facebook.com/username/, select 'Set a username for your Pages.' The Facebook Pages we are admin for will appear in the drop down box. Select the page to name and enter in the name we would like to secure. Voila!

This is a nice feature in that it allows us to more seamlessly market our Facebook Page in our autosignatures, business cards, marekting materials, and such.

What is your Facebook vanity url?


  1. Glad to know they've reduced the required number of followers-- Unless I'm mistaken, the last time I checked I think it was up around 100 or 1000 before you could register the custom URL.
    Is there a requirement that the page has been in existence for a period of time, or are new pages eligible as well?

    Thanks for the tip, Laurie.

  2. Sorry for just replying now Rob. No, there is not a required duration of existence. If you receive 25 followers in the first hour, you are eligible.