Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Shall I Blog About?

In response to my How Do I Even Get Started? post, Adam posed the question, "Do you have any suggestions on topics that can be blogged about?"

Anyone can have a blog. Blogs give us a voice. They allow us to write or journal about topics that we possess strong knowledge, which is why many people blog about topics related to their profession. But, for me, what sets great blogs apart from the mundane is passion.

Adam, you could blog about your profession, but if you are not passionate about it, your readers will know and they won't feel compelled to follow you. Find a topic you are passionate about and let the ideas flow. Inspiration for my posts comes from conversations, information I read, experiences I have, 'aha' moments, situations I observe, anything that gives me something interesting to share.

I love to follow blogs authored by people who are passionate, motivated, and inspiring. Blogs that show character and personality. Their tones make me feel like I know them and therefore I 'tune in' for each of their posts. Give your readers a glimpse into your world. Let them read what makes you tick. Being real and personable is the first step in engaging our followers.

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