Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Do I Even Get Started?

Today's post goes out to all my peeps in library-land, although the rest of you may find some great tips in here, too.

Getting our social media accounts up and running is one thing, but knowing what to say and how to interact is something completely different. What do we tweet? How do we start a conversation on our Facebook walls? What do we even start a conversation about? How the heck do we get started? Here are a few quick and simple ideas to get us started thinking in the social media zone:

Biggest Loser, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars are all ratings dominators right now. The day after one of the episodes airs, we could tweet or post messages like:
  • Inspired by Biggest Loser last night? We've got a collection of Biggest Loser cookbooks, soundtracks, and workout DVDs ready to check out.
  • Amazing performances on American Idol last night! CDs from former American Idol winners - and losers - are here at your local library.
  • Did Nicole's performance on DWTS last night leave your toes tapping? We've got Pussycat Dolls CDs and books on all types of dance.
  • Getting ready to plant your garden? Our gardening section has books on how to plant, what to plant, where to plant, and even why to plant. Check 'em out today.
  • Going boating this weekend? Stop in and pick up the latest book by Jen Lancaster to enjoy while floating on the water.
  • Swimsuit season. Ugh! If you're nauseous at the idea of putting yours on, stop in to pick up a workout DVD, lowfat cookbook, or book about healthy living.
  • Only two weeks into summer vacation and your kids are bored already? Bring them down to the library for . . .
Tweeting and posting is all about listening to what is going on in our communities and environments, and then responding. To properly engage our followers, initiate the conversation, but allow them to carry the conversation. The publicity they give us is often far better than we could have ever given ourselves.

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  1. Do you have any suggestions on topics that can be blogged about?

    Should there be a common theme or can it be really anything on your mind?