Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hash Tags Are It!

I recently had the pleasure of presenting two workshops at the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce Social Media Conference. In the To Tweet or Not To Tweet workshop, 'hash tags' was the topic getting a lot of buzz.

If you use Twitter, you have probably seen one (or many) and not even known. So, what are hash tags? It is a term/word/acronym in a tweet preceded by a # symbol. The # is a hash symbol, thus the term hash tag.

Let's say I want to tweet about this blog post on hash tags. I may tweet something like "Hash tags are all the rave on my blog. #lbshashtags" I just made up 'lbshashtags' (Laurie Boettcher Speaks hash tags) and put the hash symbol before it, thus a new hash tag is born. When the hash symbol is added, the hash tag automatically turns into a link. Every time someone tweets using my 'lbshashtags', it is grouped together.

Any tweeter can make a hash tag by including the hash symbol. First, do a basic Twitter search to see if someone already created a related hash tag. We can do this by entering our hash tag in the search box of the right navigation bar. Hash tags allow us to create groups or communities of people with similar interests or following a specific topic.

More and more organizations are using hash tags at conferences or events to encourage attendees to tweet about their experiences or let others know of exciting happenings. The possibilities of using hash tags are endless and we will further this conversation in future posts.

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