Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

I love Brian Solis. He is a rock star of social media and public relations. He is intelligent, insightful, relevant, and his posts inspire me to think outside of the box. Follow his blog and tweets, if you don't already; you won't be sorry.

In a blog Brian posted earlier today, he writes about the culture, behaviors, and demographics accompanying social network usage. What intrigued me most is this graph:

The graph shows age demographics on popular social network sites. This is an amazing tool because it gives us insight into where we need to be listening. Yes, listening. Several of my previous blog postings have focused on engaging our followers. That is extremely important, but let's not forget the crucialness of listening.

Listening allows us to hear, first hand, what people are saying about our organizations, services, products, staff, and customer service. Other organizations pay big money for agencies to do research and find out what people are saying about them, but we have the opportunity to access this information for free. (I love free!)

Use what you hear to make yourself and your organization shine. Market what they love, tweak or do away with what they hate, reward staff that provide excellent customer service, promote products or services they don't know about - our possibilities are endless!

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