Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Engage Me

Now that we have some followers on our social media networks, how do we engage them? Yes, we need to engage them. This is the whole purpose of social media. Our communities, whether they be patrons, clients, co-workers, fellow professionals, groupies, advocates, businesses, whatever, they are playing the social network game with us to be engaged.

BE INTERESTING: When posting on our wall or sending a tweet, make it worth others' time. Peak interest. Tell about nightly specials at our restaurants; following an American Idol episode, encourage patrons to check out CDs from former Idol winners; remind committees of a meeting that is happening today; or notify viewers of a special segment that is airing or publishing.

BE RELEVANT: Be aware of followers and know our audiences. Send information they care about and affects them. 

DON'T GET PERSONAL: Use business accounts for business purposes. Yes, we should show our organization's culture, character, and personality, but keep it business-related. Do not get too personal.

DON'T BE ANNOYING: We should never annoy our followers by innundating them with too many messages. Again, this is about peaking interest. Send too much and followers will be annoyed, send too few and followers will lose interest. We need to strike a balance or risk losing the followers we worked so hard to gain.

ENCOURAGE AND INVITE: Encourage followers to invite friends and get the word out about our account(s). Invite them to post comments about experiences at one of our events or about a product. Make the online community we created for them inviting, welcoming, and rewarding.

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  1. Hey Laurie nice post. This can be one of the most difficult things for those new to social media, engaging their followers. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that it's a conversation, rather than just spouting messages, but those who are able to really connect will gain the loyalty of their followers.