Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What People Really Want to Know About Social Media

I love teaching workshops. Yesterday, I taught two of them for Wisconsin libraries (Chippewa Falls Public Library and Altoona Public Library) wanting to educate their patrons about Social Media 101.

Teaching workshops requires me to shift gears. It is easy for me to get caught up in social media lingo and technicalities, but when teaching a workshop, I have to look at social media from its most basic points. What is it that people really want to know? What do they really care about? I have been blessed to have exceptionally engaged audiences who ask a lot of questions and this is what I found out people want to know about social media:
  • What is it? Not some technical wordy definition. What is it really?
  • Why should I care about social media and how does it affect me?
  • How EXACTLY to I set up an account the best way?
  • How can I protect my privacy?
  • How can I best talk to my kids about privacy?
  • Which are the best for personal and the best for business?
  • How could I use social media in my small business?
  • What is next?
These are all very basic and crucial questions that everyone should be asking. This is information our boards, staff, patrons, and clients want to know. If you have the opportunity to provide brief training, do it. Not only will it protect them, it will protect their families, jobs, and your business.

Some of my workshop presentations are available on SlideShare at


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  1. Laurie, I have always enjoyed reading your posts.
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