Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Board Members on LinkedIn

I recently presented a workshop on the Basics of LinkedIn. I was talking about the importance of Board Members having a LinkedIn profile when a director of a fabulous non-profit asked me why. Why should her board members have a profile on LinkedIn?

The answer is simple. Board members, just like staff, are a representation of our organizations. Whether we are a library, non-profit organization, or corporation, our board members help people gauge the credibility, strength, and structure of our organizations. It tells them the caliber of people we are able to attract and the influence we have through our members.

If you were to ask me to advocate for your organization or donate money, especially in these current economic times, I want to know where my time or money is going. So, I would research your web site to find your director and board members. If I did not know them, I would look them up on LinkedIn to verify their credibility. It is important to know that my interest and money are in the hands of individuals looking out for the organization as a whole and are qualified to do so.

Setting up a LinkedIn profile takes only minutes. It's free. And, it allows you to take control of your online identity. Encourage your board members to create a profile by setting up one yourself, if you have not already.

My LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/laurieboettcher


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