Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Twitter is hands-down the number one venue for microblogging. Its 140 character tweets allow tweeple quick access to messages from those they follow. The Twitter lexicon alone is too much fun. But why use it? Maybe you are on LinkedIn or have a Facebook Fan Page or even follow some blogs. (If you do any of those - YAY YOU!!!) So, why use Twitter, too?

I am a Twitterholic, well kind of. A person can only keep up on so much. I use Twitter for several reasons. Personally, it allows me to follow some of my favorite celebs. How else would I know what Stevie Nicks, Eddie Izzard, or Oprah are up to? Professionally, it allows me to send out short messages to my followers directing them to information that might benefit them. Blogs are awesome. If they weren't, I would not be doing this one. But, often times people do not have time to read blogs in their entirity. Tweets can be a quick plug for an event, reminder of a service, direction to a blog entry, thought-provoking comment, or whatever you want it to be. Twitter also allows me to follow some professionals I believe are on the cutting edge, which gives me access to their knowledge.

Have a Twitterific holiday season!

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