Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Last night I was reading Lisa Gerber's blog, The 26-Hour Day, and the topic of her latest post not only made me laugh, but she hit the nail on the head and really made me think. She wrote, "Social media has different challenges for those in small towns. It's like waiting for the party to start."

She's so right in so many aspects. Born, raised, and still living in small towns and rural communities, I know first-hand that we DO have different challenges. We're not as connected to the mainstream or taken by the madness. BUT, we have an advantage - by the time social media made it to us, the experts had worked out many of the kinks and the strongest social media venues had become evident.

Social media is not a craze, this really is a powerful new way of marketing. It is not, however, a one-size-fits-all guaranteed success. With each marketing campaign we do for an event, new program, new service, or whatever, we do our research, do our very best, and then hope our strategy was on track and works. Social media is no different. It's another tool in our belt that helps us reach our target audience. But, it only reaches that audience if we actually do it.

Set aside some time and play with some tools. See how colleagues and patrons are using social media, ask what site or blogs they visit, and try some of them out.

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  1. I've been active in the Wisconsin Small Libraries Roundtable for several years, and spend a lot of time at our booth at WLA talking with folks in little libraries. We share so many issues, but we tend to keep them to ourselves. I can imagine a facebook page in which small libraries share our triumphs, our frustrations, and our ideas. (For an example of a fan page, check out Ettrick Public Library at facebook.)