Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love Me Some Social Media

This holiday season I was blessed to be surrounded by family. It was even more special because a cousin, whom I simply adore, flew in for a snowy Wisconsin Christmas. My cousin is a very intelligent, accomplished, and apparently 'connected' twenty-something. While we were snacking, she was texting; while we were opening presents, she was posting pictures to Facebook as fast as she could take them; and while we were visiting, she was quoting dialogue on her Twitter.

Okay, now we all know that I love me some social media, but WHOA! This experience got me thinking. First and foremost, nothing can replace living in the moment. 

Second, social media is about connection. I have talked about this in many posts. Michelle Johnson, library director at Hammond Public Library, had a recent status update that read "Getting set to ring in the New Year with fresh ideas and new programs at the library and for the community." I know her, so I know that she probably is bursting with excitement for the programs her library has planned. It goes back to people building relationships with people. Show character in any of your correspondence to build that connection and make people want more.

Third, just like our posters, brochures, fliers, bookmarks, advertisements, commercials, interviews, etc., social media is just another tool. Each of our marketing tools is an attempt to reach a niche audience. Marketing is about balance - balancing the right tool with the right audience to achieve spectacular results.

Now, go love you some social media, too!

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  1. I've been putting together and publicizing programs and activities at my library for over a year now, and I've got the local media down and am active with a couple of social media tools. But, I will be starting to work at the circ desk in Jan. 2010 and am looking forward to making daily face-to-face connections with people. I agree that balance is the key - we have to meld the use of social media, traditional media, e-communication tools and human contact to be truly effective in reaching and inviting people to use our libraries and value our libraries. Leave any communication facet out and it detracts from the effectiveness of all the others.