Thursday, December 3, 2009

LinkedIn for Job Recruiting

Jobvite announced earlier this year that 80% of companies they surveyed use or are planning to use social networking to find and attract job candidates this year. That is a startling statistic. "Additionally, recruitment and human resource professionals are using a variety of online sites to research candidates: LinkedIn (76%), search engines (67%), Facebook (44%), and Twitter (21%)."

Knowing this information and the fact that our libraries have become increasingly important job search tools for our communities in these economic times, doesn't this demonstrate the importance of us being more fluent in social media?

Giving a patron knowledge about creating a profile on LinkedIn could give them an advantage in their job search. How so? Respondents in the Jobvite survey reported that 24% of candidates disclose their social networking presence when applying for a job. Employers can see a more complete picture of a candidate's professional experience, education, community involvement, association membership, and even recommendations from former employers, co-workers, and clients. Hiring employees is expensive, so this is an invaluable tool for employers.

Don't have knowledge about LinkedIn yourself? Attend a workshop. Library Directors all over the country have profiles on LinkedIn. It is not just for job searchers; it allows you to create a professional profile about yourself to let your community, peers, and even your Board, know who you are.

Get LinkedIn today.

Special thanks to Jobvite.


  1. Where can I view dates and times of your 2010 workshops?

  2. I just tried your LinkedIn link, and it didn't work. Is your profile set so only members can see it?

  3. The dates for the workshop are listed in the right navigation bar. When they are open for registration, I will post more information.

    I am so sorry about the LinkedIn link. It appears I can't spell my own name right. Please feel free to try again. ;-)