Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2010 Marketing Plans

As the year is winding down, we are prepping for a new year with (in some cases) significantly decreased budgets. I have been promoting social media long enough now that we know how and why it can help us reach target markets with the only cost being our time. But how are we incorporating social media into our 2010 marketing plans?

Don't break my holiday spirit and tell me you forgot.

IFLS is offering helpful social media workshops in 2010 that will help alleviate any fears we may have. In January, I am presenting a Facebook Fan Pages for Libraries workshop along with four Social Media 101 workshops for patrons at various System libraries. In October, Leah has booked library icon DAVID LEE KING! I could seriously not be more excited about meeting him and attending his workshop. It is a 'do not miss' opportunity.

Let's include social media in our 2010 marketing plans so we can usher in a new era and communicate with our patrons on a medium they use and appreciate.

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