Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do They Know?

As IFLS public libraries, we know we offer over 1.5 million items available for check out including books, audiobooks, music, and movies. We know we offer excellent job resources. We know we offer unique children's activities. We know we offer video gaming events and equipment. We know we offer access to cutting-edge research and reference programs available from anywhere with a library card. We know we offer wi-fi and computers. We know we offer stimulating book clubs.

But, do they know? Do our patrons REALLY know all of what we have to offer?

With some of our rural libraries having a budget of less than $50,000 (and that includes the director's salary), how do we effectively get the word out so our patrons and communities can take advantage of these programs?
  • Create (or have IFLS create) exciting posters to distribute around the community.
  • Save a promo as the wallpaper on library computers.
  • Post it on your web site.
  • Announce it on your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Have a library staff member make an announcement at the beginning of book clubs and other library events.
  • Send out a tweet.
  • Speak at local civic groups.
  • Get involved in your local Chamber.
  • Coordinate with a local school or college to make a promotion available as an extra credit or service learning project.
  • Inspire the Friends Group to get out the word.
With limited time and resources, we may not be able to do all of these, but how about we try a couple for starters?

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