Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Facebook Fan Pages Are Not For Us

That's right, Facebook Fan Pages are not for us - they are for our patrons. Fan pages give our patrons an outlet to talk about their libraries. Fans can post comments about books they are reading and start discussions. They can encourage others to attend programs and be part of libraries' initiatives. We give THEM the opportunity to interact with other patrons and love their libraries even more.

Okay, so I lied. There is something in it for us. Facebook Fan Pages give us a quick, simple, and FREE way to send messages to our fans to let them know about upcoming events at their libraries. Also, with Facebook Fan Pages we can find out what our patrons are saying about us. If your patrons don't like something, don't you want to know instead of losing them? If they are raving about an experience, don't you want to use it to let your board know about the positive feedback? Getting in tune allows us to provide even better programs and services because we are reading first-hand what our patrons want.

Don't think you have time to set up the page? Offer it as a volunteer opportunity for high school teens. It's great resume-building material! Or, if you are near a college, offer it as a service-learning project.

Join the IFLS libraries who are already experiencing the benefits of Facebook Fan Pages like Boyceville Public Library, Cadott Community Library, Carelton A. Friday Memorial Library of New Richmond, Clarella Hackett Johnson Public Library of Sand Creek, Colfax Public Library, Eau Claire Public Library, Fall Creek Public Library, Hammond Community Library, Luck Public Library, Prescott Public Library, and Rice Lake Public Library. Oh, and don't forget about our IFLS Fan Page!

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