Monday, May 4, 2009

Intro to Blogging

Welcome to the Indianhead Federated Library System (IFLS) Public Relations blog. Thank you for joining me. To stay abreast of all postings, please sign up as a Follower in the navigation panel to the right.

We all know that social media is no longer an emerging trend; it is here, ready and waiting for us to utilize it. Many libraries in our System have expressed interest in following the example of Colfax Public Library in creating their own blogs. Many other libraries are still questioning the benefits of blogging, as we should with any social medium.

Although there is an initial time investment in setting up a blog, as well as the time it takes to do posts, there is no cost except time. Blogging is an excellent public relations tool that has the potential to strengthen your library's image, reach a new audience niche, position your library as 'on the cutting edge,' create credibility for you as a library director, generate interest within your community, and improve your search engine optimization, all while marketing your library's unique and beneficial programs and services.

If you are an IFLS member library and are interested in creating a blog for your library, please post a comment. I am entertaining the possibility of doing a morning 'workshop' with a limited number of participants to help you get your blogs started.

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